POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Special Edition Box – GIVEAWAY and SPOILERS!


I was feeling crazy today. So I ordered two POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Special Edition Boxes.

Yes, two.

One for me and one for (one of) YOU!

Truth be told I was too lazy to do a Trash & Treasure right now (maybe later?). Plus my bestie is visiting this weekend and she’ll be removing some of my goods for me :) So I thought this was better for me & for you!

Enter the giveaway!

I am using Giveaway Tools instead of Rafflecopter because I don’t have to pay 60 bucks a month for you to share the giveaway with your pals and earn credits for doing so. Yes, 60.

So bear with me and learn a new giveaway entry form, I promise it won’t hurt!

All terms & conditions on the tool below. Ends 8/31, US only, and if you win you MUST respond within 48 hours of notification or you WILL forfeit the prize!

There are bonus entries for other stuff, so follow me if you want to win! It’s a big giveaway with lots of convoluted entries, whatever! You do not HAVE to do any of the extra entries, mmmkay? Also if the person that wins entered on a referral entry I’ll send the person who was the referrer a $10 Julep gift card!

Special Edition POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Style Spoilers are underneath the Giveaway Tools!


While you’re here, if ya love me, mash me a +1! Thanks for reading and clicking/using my affiliate links and generally supporting my shopping habit whether through clicks, reading, commenting, whatever! It allowed me to do this giveaway this month! I totally appreciate it! If you’re new, thanks for stopping by. Read some subscription box reviews! If you want to sign up for the regular Popsugar box, unfortunately August is totally sold out. You can sign up for September still at Popsugar. (totally my referral link! like everything else.) Use coupon MUSTHAVE5 to save $5!



  1. dawn@njlawyers.com'Dawn says

    I wish it were going to be an awesome necklace like the one in the August box but that would be annoying to just about everyone else. I’d be happy with something that really has to with fall either in color or texture.

    • mommysplurge@gmail.com' says

      I saw a very similar necklace on a beauty feature as perfect for fall. It was a (regular) gold curb link chain. So it’s not going to be in the box totally. But it’s still great for fall!

  2. diavuo663@aol.com'Diana Vuong says

    I would like to see some fall fashion accessories, such as a scarf, hat, gloves? Of course, it would have yummy treats? Maybe a nice piece of jewelry?

  3. tlboose@yahoo.com'Tonya L. Boose says

    I would love a fun cozy scarf or warm hat (ThreeBirdNest) has a gorgeous mint beanie that I’m dying for! I also wouldn’t complain about a Starbucks gift card, fall scented candle or pumpkin caramel candy! (Fall is my favorite season!)

    • mommysplurge@gmail.com' says

      maybe, maybe not!!! I’m going to have to change the question. We’ve exhausted all the fall possibilities. Not really!! But I still may have to change the question!

  4. tiffanymcguffin730@gmail.com'Tiffany says

    I have never done one of the PopSugar Special Edition boxes! I would love to win this! Its a balmy 104 in Dallas…Fall can’t come soon enough!

  5. mary987@hotmail.com'Jill D says

    I would love to see something in a fall scent–candle or bath products in a cinnamon and/or pumpkin scent would be great.

  6. danicastone@gmail.com' says

    Wow, you guys all have amazing ideas! A big statement necklace would be awesome. Or fancy chocolate. Or a cheek and lip stain.

  7. buckleymd2@gmail.com'Mary says

    Fall doesn’t start down here in South Texas for at least a couple of more months, so it is hard to think about scarves and mittens:-) But, we do get kind of cold eventually, and all of those cozy fall products are appreciated, just a bit later than some other parts of the country….But always love to get bath/body products, and good smelling things for the house.

    • mommysplurge@gmail.com' says

      your blog just made me the saddest ever. i want to go back home! (greater camberville area for about 11 years, mostly in inman)

      i miss it so so so so much. i am repeating to myself over and over how much i enjoy my brand new air conditioned apartment.

      • slumsofharvard@gmail.com' says

        Thanks for taking a look! I try to publish amusing Cambridge MA related photos 3-4 times a week.

        PS: As much as I’m pinning for my “other” Cambridge, I really do like it here :)

        PPS: I envy your air conditioning. Luckily the weather has been so mild this week

  8. Ockewend@isu.edu'Wendy Ockerman says

    I don’t care what I get as long as it comes in my name and I get to sit in quiet and enjoy the unveiling! I’ve been wanting this one for a long long time.

  9. Amanda Avila says

    I am hoping for some awesome mascara, because you can never have too much mascara. And maybe a cool hat, I need one of those too!

    • brookechanelxoxo@yahoo.com'Brooke B. says

      I agree with the mascara, that is my #1 fav makeup product to try! I love trying every new one. My favorite for a few months now has been Benefit “They’re Real”

  10. julie.s.baldock@gmail.com'Julie Baldock says

    I got so excited by the ring I ordered one! Whatever I’m not feeling, I’ll regift at the holidays.

  11. miz_dork06@hotmail.com'Jamie Dee says

    Something like pumpkin seeds or pumpkin spice tea or a beautiful brown or dark orange nail polish :) I love fall lol

  12. dh_jax@yahoo.com'G says

    Everyone is talking scarfs and stuff like that but I live in the south…..we still had warm days when other people were getting snow so I’m not ready for scarfs and fall scents…. I however would love some nice moisturizer or body butter or a nice makeup pallette or some yummy snacks. Cinnamon/sugar something or caramel….but those flavors are about as fall as I can think right now….but even if the fall box was full of scarves and pumpkin, I’d would still love it as it will be cool soon enough…thanks for the chance to win.

  13. jessrumely@gmail.com' says

    I would love to see a scarf, pumpkin scented or flavored anything like a candle or muffin mix, chai tea, maybe some type of hand lotion as the weather gets drier…

  14. swt42023@yahoo.com' says

    I’ve never had the pleasure of a PopSugar box so I am not too sure what to expect.
    Maybe something warm and fuzzy for the fall, some delicious tea or cocoa samples. Maybe a fuzzy beanie?
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. nofearpapertiger@gmail.com'Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    I’ve never had a PopSugar box . . . but I’d say maybe a light scarf or a cute piece of chunky jewelry and some spiced cider mix.

  16. agenuinenancycreation@gmail.com'Nancy says

    Hmmm… great giveaway! Looking forward to SOMETHING that will make me think “fall” in the south! Something with pumpkin, apple, spicy smells or flavors…A candle or room spray or lotion? jewelry or nail polish with some autumn tones?

  17. keriv11689@yahoo.com'Keri V says

    I would love if they threw some boots in – too ambitious for their monthly box but I think definitely could work for the Fall splurge! Also dying for some long necklaces or a new set of bangles.

  18. aemedina222@yahoo.com'Annie (: says

    I missed my chance to buy this amazing box for my mom’s birthday. After gathering money from the entire family, I checked back on the website and it was sold out!!! She has had a really hard year, suffering from a Kidney Infection and tough times with her job and I wanted to get it! I reallly realllly really want to win.

  19. aemedina222@twitter.example.com' says

    I wanted this Fall Box for my mom for her birthday coming up. She has been in and out of the hospital with a kidney infection and one of her best friends from work just got the news that the chemotherapy for his lung cancer is not working. I really wanted to make this year special and right after collecting enough money from as many family members as possible, the box became sold out. I reaaly hope I can win for her sake <3

  20. melissa-garza@att.net'melissa says

    A beautiful scarf and a great new book to sit in a cozy corner and read while trying a delicious new treat!

    • mommysplurge@gmail.com' says


      You just wait & see what’s coming this week. Be sure to check out this morning’s review( I’m about to publish) to get the idea! I have worked my butt off on it and it just thrills me that other people love it too!

  21. naturalactions@hotmail.com'Natalie says

    This box was sold out before I was able to decide on buying it or not…thank you for the give away! I’m hoping for a cute fall hat!

  22. tinystally18@aol.com'crystal wiese says

    I really want some FALL themed items not just randoms thrown into a fall box. Warm colors, cozy fabrics I really want this :)

  23. kris@turbonet.com'Kris Allen says

    I LOVE all things fall! Spice scented candle, scarf, warm drink mix….I would love anything. PS – So glad I found your website! I visit it everyday!

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