Subscription Boxes for Teen Boys

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IMG_0628 Subscription Boxes for BOYS! Thanks to reader Angela for this question – What subscriptions might be a good gift for teenage boys? As we all know there are far fewer boxes for men than for women, and even fewer subscriptions great for teens and none at all specifically for teenage boys. I hope these suggestions help! The subscription boxes for college students shouldn’t be ignored for this age group. Chances are they’ll love and have use for items that are a little more grown up. Don’t forget to check out my husband’s reviews of subscription boxes for men! If you have additional suggestions, please leave your comment at the bottom.

Top Subscription Boxes for Teenage Boys

I hate to generalize, but for the average 14 year old boy, they’ll love Loot Crate or Nerd Block!



There’s a great new subscription box for RC enthusiasts that any boy would love! Check out HobbyTron’s RC Subscription! shouldn’t be ignored. Most of the boxes are high end but an NFL fan might enjoy the new boxes curated by football pros.

I think BustedTees Shirt of the Month would be an excellent subscription for the right boy. It’s not a surprise – but they can select their own cool shirt monthly. I’m sure a large percentage of teen boy allowances go towards finding awesome shirts nobody’s ever seen! The next Silicon Valley Millionaire will love Startup Threads!

This will vary by the boy – there’s a range of fitness-themed boxes, including sport specific ones. I’d go for the all-natural ones like Kona Kase for a teenager! Eagle Scouts might just love Campbox.

As for grooming, be aware there may sometimes be products marketed for the cojones!  Just fair warning! Better to have them nice & dry than worry about what they call the products, right?! BroBox is a combo lifestyle & grooming box, and inexpensive to boot (though it has, in the past, included hangover products, I’d still recommend it for a teen boy – it’s an excellent price). Birchbox Man would be great for the more sophisticated or older teen boy. It’s highly customizable too (you can pick options like oily skin & excessive perspiration, but still totally avoid Axe! Plus you can specifically tell Birchbox you’re underage and you shouldn’t get alcohol related items in this box!).


Snacks are always a win for teenage boys! Try Skoshbox for Japanese snacks and Mexican Candy Box for something different and MunchPak for a mix of munchables (junk food) from all over the world!

Depending on the collection, one-off box company The Conscious Collection (a project of Teens Turning Green) might make a splendid box for a young gentleman, plus proceeds support other teens!

  • Birchbox Man: Birchbox Man offers grooming and lifestyle products in a monthly theme matching your profile. Items include haircare, body care, fragrance, electronics accessories, and dressing accessories. Cost: $20/month Read Birchbox Man Reviews!
  • Booty Bin: Booty ranges from collectibles, toys, apparel, snacks and everything in between. Get your Geek on! Cost: $29 per month.
  • BroBox: BroBox includes next level personal care, unique snacks, energy stuff, new apps, games, tech and more… All Just For Bros! Cost: $15/month
  • BustedTees Shirt of the Month: Not a surprise shirt – you pick your shirt. Get a monthly coupon for one shirt & free shipping. Cost: $50/quarter
  • Campbox: Premium camping & hiking gear right to your doorstep every season. Cost: $50.00 per quarter.
  • Conscious Collections: These boxes highlight thoughtfully curated, ethically-produced products across many lifestyle categories. Proceeds support Teens Turning Green Summer Internship Program. Boxes are available in monthly collections, though it’s not a subscription. Cost: $65
  • Loot Crate: Lootcrate is a subscription box full of gamer-ific loot for geeks and gamers. Past crates have included figurines, candy, stickers, gift cards, accessories, more figurines, buttons, books, postcards, shirts, stickers, games, you name it, all with a geeky, game-y flair. Cost: $20/month Read Loot Crate Reviews!
  • Mexican Candy Box: Get a surprise selection of 8-10 Mexican candies every month! Order one of three Flavor Boxes: Sweet & Spicy Mix, Sweet Only, or Spicy Only. Cost: $12 per month.
  • MunchPak: The best and most unique snacks from all over the world. Expect to see snacks from Australia, Sweden, Japan, United States, Canada, and many other countries. Cost: $20 per month.
  • NerdBlock: Nerd Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (Has men’s regular, fitted, and women’s fitted tees!) and 5-6 epic items for you to tear into! Cost: $30 per month. Read Nerd Block Reviews!
  • Skoshbox: Skoshbox is a box of snacks, candy and other items imported from Japan. Perfect for any Japanese food lover. Or anyone. Cost: $12/month Read Skoshbox Reviews!
  • Startup Threads: Get a fresh new bag of swag from awesome startups each month. Each package has an exclusive t-shirt, stickers, and other surprises. Women’s & Men’s sizes. Cost: $20/month


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    I have never found soooo many excellent creative, productive, inviting, & just all around genius gift ideas!!!
    Many many extra thanks to all those who take the time to discover & uncover these delightful treats!!!

  2. says

    Do not subscribe to hobbytron. I signed up for a 6 month program. The first box came late, and contained a broken helicopter. I just received my second box, and I got another broken helicopter. Check the BBB reviews. They are a horrible company that rips off their consumers. I wasted $179 to subscribe to nothing but broken toys. You will be very disappointed with this company.

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