Neiman Marcus Popsugar Must Have Box Review

Find the info on the 2014 Neiman Marcus Popsugar Box here and grab yours now before they sell out.

The 2013 Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box came today, as did my November box! It weighed a whopping 16.7 pounds and came in a really lovely totally reusable box, which was packed inside a large cardboard box. It was humongous! I had to clear the whole table in order to take photos!


The Subscription: POPSUGAR Must Have Box
The Description: Seasonally themed must-haves selected by the POPSUGAR editors. Beauty, Home, Treats, Accessories, Jewelry, and Personal Care. Occasional luxury boxes for women, men, and home.
The Price: $35/month
The Coupon:Save $5 on your first box! Use code REFER5.

Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box

The Box! It’s huge and I can’t wait to find a home for it, it’s quite sturdy.

I had to take a pulled back photo so you can see exactly how huge this is.

I was so excited and totally ready to enjoy!

Chevron Patterned Knit Throw ($195) Am I the luckiest? Yes I am!!! I love the color of this throw!!

Slim & Sage Dinner Plates ($99) Slim & Sage offers stunning design with scientifically-based portion control to make eating healthy feel effortless, discreet and casually luxurious. Crafted with a gentle curve and gorgeous interlaced lines, these plates are ideal for everyday use or casual entertaining. These are like those portion control plates but an actual design!I was honestly surprised that we actually got four plates, and it’s so lovely to have a nice set. These are beautiful for the holidays and any day!

jonathan adler carnaby zebra stacking dish ($24) I was thrilled to receive this in blue! I think it’s darling and I can’t wait to use it next to the Erin Condren Tray I ordered. I’m going to make my little area all pretty!

Another look at the packing! (oh the suspense) Every item that needed it was bubblewrapped and wrapped in black tissue.

The first fold of the information card.

Le Metier de Beaute Pretty in Punk ($95) This was custom-produced for the Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box – there won’t be information online! This is a kaleidoscope, as I’d guessed, so I’m pegging the value at 95. It’s so gorgeous and I can’t wait to follow the instructions in the video (see my DIY Neiman Marcus Box post!) to test it out. Couche Couche Couche! The black in this kaleidoscope is gorgeous with subtle pink shimmer. I’ll have to do it up soon. I’d say tomorrow but I have a business meeting so… no. (Because I’ll totally screw it up and then have bizarre black & pink raccoon eyes.)

The information card folds out all the way. Ok, back to the items!

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray ($39) I am so so excited about this item! It’s an invisible dry hair spray that “builds in incredible volume and sexy texture” and supposed to be a step up from dry shampoo!I totally popped this open and sprayed it in my hair in the middle of photos, and it’s fabulous!

SHY by Sydney Evan Love Pendant Bezel Diamond Necklace ($125) 14-karat yellow gold plated sterling silver with a .15 carat diamond!This… is the tiniest necklace in the world. It’s extraordinarily delicate and tiny. Amusingly, it has a second ring for the clasp, to make it even tinier.

Neiman Marcus Twist White fudge covered corn snacks ($19) Corn twists coated in white-chocolate fudge. These are really good, and fortunately so hefty you can just do with a few per sitting!

Nest Fragrances Birchwood pine scented candle ($34) Oh no, I had some crazy camera errors, I’ll update when I can! This is as gorgeous as the photo and smells lovely. The box is so pretty, I don’t want to throw it away!
The aroma of a majestic winter forest is created by blending white pine, fir balsam and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber. 8.1 oz, burn time of 50 hours



The $250 Neiman Marcus Box comes in at $630 of pure luxury value! I can’t believe I thought we were only getting one plate? I will use it nightly, I so need that nice ritual of eating dinner on a nice plate. I love my throw, I love my candle, I would prefer not to have these corn crisps staring at me, though they’re delicious, and I LOVE my zebra dish! My hair is nice & poufy hours later too. I do not love the necklace, I’m sorry to say. I thought I would by the photo, but I’d probably be good with the cheapy in my DIY NM Box! It’s a 16″ necklace which I think is just too short for a grown woman, and for that price, I wouldn’t expect to need a necklace extender. It may go in the gift closet for a future gift for my daughter. What do you think?? I’m also thrilled that my zebra seems to “go with” my throw. If you got a box, let me know if they matched!One thing I’m really pleased with is the home orientation of this box, and it’s a trend I’d love to see continue. Heck, I’d sign up for an extra PSMH Home & Accessories box! Wouldn’t you? Even if this luxury box isn’t in your budget, I suggest finding the room for at least a box or two of regular POPSUGAR Must Have Box. I love these boxes, they’re the best on the market (and oh boy, does Popsugar ever have my spending budget for the past month!).

Congrats to winner Ioana H! We appreciate all your entries and are so excited to have new friends reading our blogs! You can find the original giveaway post here.


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  1.'Jessica Simpson says

    Wow now I’m really upset I couldn’t get it and lost the giveaway! :( that little necklace is my favorite part I think :( y’all enjoy them, Congrats Ioana!

  2.' says

    I am so glad that I didn’t buy one! The only thing I like is the necklace! The throw is ok too but idk,…I thought they said the box was worth at least $600? The stuff here is just about six… I thought it was going to be a lot more,,,, I did order the other LE box so I hope that one is good!

  3.' says

    What a great box! While I’m glad I didn’t splurge, I can see it being a GREAT box for someone a bit older than me (ie, not living at home still haha). I am so jealous about the necklace and Oribe spray tho, that stuff is amazing!

    •' says

      You know I am glad you pointed it out because this is what I thought. It’s really a box more for my demographic than say… Yours!! Mid-30s interested in luxury home goods getting out of the ikea racket. I can see a different luxury box with different products appealing to mid 20s. What would you pick??

      •' says

        haha – you hit it spot on. I’m the mid-30’s demographic and LOVE the box. Even the necklace. I don’t think I would have liked it but happen to have on a gold necklace when I tried it on (I never wear gold so that was odd) and it looks great layered! Give it a try. It is still super short and delicate and can’t see wearing it alone but with a standard length gold necklace with pendant – it looks great.

        •' says

          eh, i have kind of a waddly neck. it really is like a choker on me and unattractive. i’d have to get a necklace extender. but really the box is for older people. if i were ten years younger, I would’ve been totally WTF is this? i put out my zebra plate yesterday. love it. now i need to redo my bedroom (it’s on my shopping list anyways) to incorporate my throw. heh.

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