February Loot Crate Review + Coupon Code

Epic Shirt

Loot Crate is one of our favorite family subscription boxes. It seems to always have something for everyone, and it all gets claimed rather quickly! February's Loot Crate Theme was "Warriors." I honestly don't know what most of the stuff is in this box. It happens - everyone has their own universes that they are into and sometimes you are just lost on a particular theme. I get the general idea of warriors but I don't know anything about the specific YouTube series.  I was psyched to see some of my fave characters though. I think I'm basically a casual geek :) The Subscription: Loot … [Read more...]

January Loot Crate Review + Coupon Code

POP Vinyl DOMO Superman

I thought the January Loot Crate was super cute - It was a slightly differently shaped box and it had a Launch Base on the bottom. The theme was "Launch" to celebrate the launching of an actual Loot Crate into space. Of course I was excited because my fave geeky franchises are space-based. The Subscription: Loot Crate The Description: Lootcrate is a subscription box full of gamer-ific loot for geeks and gamers. Past crates have included figurines, candy, stickers, gift cards, accessories, more figurines, buttons, books, postcards, shirts, stickers, games, you name it, all with a geeky, … [Read more...]

December Loot Crate Review

December 2013 Loot Crate

I missed out on last month's Loot Crate - it sold out before I ordered it - so I made sure to get in on the fun December Loot Crate! Loot Crate is a box for geeks and gamers and sometimes has a shirt - December included one - but not always. Since Loot Crate's one year anniversary they have switched things up a bit - the box now includes a cute mini-mag and sometimes has a food or snack item. The Subscription: Loot Crate The Description: Lootcrate is a subscription box full of gamer-ific loot for geeks and gamers. Past crates have … [Read more...]

December Nerd Block Review

December 2013 Nerd Block

Nerd Block is a geek & gamer subscription box straight out of Canada. Every month includes a new shirt and Nerd Block boxes are typically filled with fun toys and figurines. It really is a box for everyone! My son received the Iron Man 3 set from last month's Nerd Block for his birthday and has been totally obsessed with it. I gifted the shirt from last month to my twelve and a half year old niece. I think this would be a fun family box to get (and hint - if you want to … [Read more...]

November Nerd Block Review


This month I got NerdBlock instead of Loot Crate! This one was a pretty big hit with my kiddos! Nerd Block is a geeky/game/cartoon pop culture kind of lifestyle subscription box and has toys and doodads and a shirt in every box. I love getting a monthly t-shirt! I see this as an all ages box and so does NerdBlock – they offer the shirts in youth sizes too. The Subscription: [Read more...]

October Nerd Block Review


I was sooooo excited to get the October NerdBlock. I forgot to order one last month and it looked totally awesome and I had subscription box envy. It had to be remedied! The Subscription: NerdBlock The Description: Amonthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (Has men's regular, fitted, and women's fitted tees - and now … [Read more...]