Plum District 15% Off – Yes to Carrots Deal + Subscription Boxes!

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Plum District is having a great sale! Use code SUMMER15 today (Tuesday) only to take 15% off! I personally purchased the Yes to Etc Deal – get $40 of merchandise for $20! . I love the pink grapefruit but they also have the new “Yes to Coconuts” out soon! You can check out Yes to Carrots here! They have great sets to help stretch my voucher further including fragrance free sets! Score! (BOO, this code isn’t working on the Yes to deal, I don’t know why. But I bet it will work on all the other great deals! Sorry folks!)

There’s also an Urthbox deal, GoogaroHappy Trunk, and a lot more. Oh and that Bumkins deal is still going on! It’s a great day for Plum District!


    • says

      I haven’t ever been able to get that to work!!! So i just wait for the codes. Tell me your secret! I am dying to spend my voucher but I’m also waiting! Killing me!

      • Jill says

        For the sharing part, when the box came up asking if I wanted to share on Facebook, I did. A code showed up, and I requested that they e-mail it. I got the code in an e-mail then pasted it in the Promo box. I think I logged into Plum District using Facebook (maybe?), so that could be part of it–you may need to connect your Facebook account to Plum District somehow if you didn’t log in that way. Good luck!
        (Of course, now all my Facebook friends are like, wow, she’s certainly buying a lot of stuff!)

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